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dear empyre-er

I am grateful for your contribution on WEEK1 topical discussion. Geert's 
comments can take further discussions. Special thanks to post from Hong 
Kongers in a very difficult time.

  Leaving week 1 discussion unfinished...

  For this week2 of September, i like to bring in two key writers, 
thinkers, practitioner s in media art who I respect, follow, bow to 
virtually (having not much occasions to take a pint together) to kick up 
the week.

Situated body, Situated practices

a trans-transitional dialogue between McKenzie Wark and Allucquere 
Rosanne Stone

Mckenzie Wark aka Chica Marx

on her twitter account, the bio reads - Trans: she/her. Opinions my own. 
Personal account. Professor of Media & Culture, New York City. Latest 
book: Capital is Dead @ Verso Books. A Hacker Manifesto, Harvard 
University press 2004/, /a public declaration of principles for a 
radically new vision which calls to arms.2019, in her own words, “All i 
have is naivety and enthusiasm, having been out as a trans woman for a 
minute.I'm conducting an embarrasing self(ie) education in public. “

Allucquere Rosanne Stone aka Sandy Stone

1996, Allucquere Rosanne Stone published The War of Desire and 
Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age.Leading now the ACTLab at 
the University of Texas at Austin, calling it situated practices in 
media studies . Called by the fundies “"Handmaiden of the Antichrist", 
Called by the dean “a terrorist” at UC Santa Cruz with a course titled 
“Taking It To The Street: Performance and Politics / The Politics of 
Performance”. An interview published (Dec 19, 2018) at Vice, Sandy 
situated herself as a transwoman living among radical lesbian 
Separatists in the 70s.


A reminder, today i am sitting with Franz Xaver in RADIO FRO, to 
broastcast the 5 hour mailing list radio streams, the final 
programmation of our

STWST48x5 in Linz.

follow the discussion 12-5pm (Central European Time) at

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Week 2...

many thanks


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