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Mon Sep 9 23:06:34 AEST 2019

hi everyone,
   feeling particularly unfinished this morning as i have a pounding head

So to situate a body and a practice: This body has has been spiraling
around the sun for 58 years. Its habitat is New York City, and has been for
20 years. Its mostly good for writing. It got very good at simulating a
million monkeys on a keyboard even if it does not exactly write shakespeare.

Oh, and since it's come up, in Janary 2018 it decided it really had to live
the rest of its life in female form. That what it had felt for so long is a
kind of obtuse gender dysphoria that got displaced into other things.

Its a curious experience: changing the body hormonally and changing its
social role through presentation. I can only understand what happens to
this body through cultural constructs, but on the other hand those
constructs are not entirely causative.

Like a lot of trans ppl in the early stages of transition i'm pretty
fascinating to myself. I finally got to be some sort of cyberpunk techflesh
hybrid that is aware of itself because able to monitor changes.

I'm sure this is all familar to Sandy. I wonder how many newly hatched
trans she has witnessed. Of course it isn't all beer and skittles, even for
me. But i wanted to start with the fun stuff.


McKenzie Wark (they/she)
*Professor of Media and Culture*
65 w11th st, NEW YORK, NY 10011

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