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Dear Sandy so nice to see you around! I hope you remember me, we translated
your book to Swedish and I wrote the foreword.
Never forget the Cyber meeting in Budapest and our talks in Stockholm!
You were a pioneer and many of us were inspired by your words, your
thoughts and your actions.

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> Hi folks, Sandy here.  McKenzie and I met in the mythic time of the latter
> part of the XXth Century, when she (then he) met a busful of middle-aged
> theoreticians debarking at a conference venue.  McKenzie glanced at me and
> then stared with an expression I interpreted as loathing, and which later I
> realized was something more akin to terror.  I thought that they might be
> an F2M afraid of being outed, so out of courtesy I gave them a wide berth.
> In retrospect I wish I hadn’t.  Roads not taken, ships that pass in the
> night…
> At any rate, we’re here now, and it’s a great pleasure.
> Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of young transpeople in what at some point in the
> past was a general catchphrase for personal turbulence: going through
> changes.  Right. Ch-ch-ch-changes.  Who knew.
> Well.  The present moment is so chockfull of changes.  A close relative,
> an intelligent, perceptive, empathetic and caring person, is a Trumpist.  J
> Epstein, an intelligent, perceptive philanthropist, was a raging
> pedophile.  Valerie Plame has launched a campaign video that either reduces
> or elevates politics to the level of Hollywood spectacle — literally… all
> it lacks is Jason Statham and Vin Diesel getting out of the car behind
> her.  A woman has given birth to a cow’s head.  We’re all busy slouching
> toward our particular Bethlehem.  What’s not to like?
> I’ll say something about change that’s more related to this thread later.
> This is just a little introductory blurt until I have more time.
> Sandy
> Allucquere Rosanne Stone
> Drive-by Theoretician
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> Meph: Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.
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