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Hello everyone,

I so much agree with what has just been said;)
On the subject one of the most beautiful things I have heard so far is in
Bixa Travesty documentary in which Mc Linn Da Quebrada says that our body
is our own territory of experimentation;)
also loved the idea of the documentary Sea Horse about the man who had a


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Le mer. 11 sept. 2019 à 13:13, Jaimes Mayhew <jaimes.mayhew at gmail.com> a
écrit :

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> Hi everyone,
> I have been in this listserve since 2008 and I can’t recall ever posting,
> but I was inspired to share that seeing this conversation made my heart
> swell. I am also transgender, and transitioned early in my career.
> I’m struck that just 15-20 years ago, seeing this kind of conversation
> about trans* people on a list for art people seemed impossible. I’ve found
> people who are trans* in every city I’ve lived in via social media as a way
> to make friends and find allies. First Friendster, then MySpace and now
> Facebook.
> McKenzie, I am a fan of your work, and was so excited to see you present
> at CAA in NYC a couple of years ago. I remember seeing you and wondering if
> you might be family.
> What else can I say? I’m grateful for this moment.
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> On Sep 10, 2019, at 6:05 AM, warkk <WarkK at newschool.edu> wrote:
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> When i came out (on Facebook, natch), Sandy sent me a message which said:
> "Now you know why, when i met you, i made you nervous."
> True story. I had so much internalized transphobia because i knew i was
> clinging on to masculinity by a thread.
> "The internet" has a lot to answer for. It turns out media designed for
> extracting surplus information out of us is a great breeding ground for
> Nazis.
> Then again, it is a space where trans ppl can find each other. I'm
> transitioning with the help of big sisters i know IRL -- but met on
> twitter.
> Then again again, its a space for ppl who hate us. Its exhausting playing
> whack-a-mole with ppl who think you are not human.
> The actual German-style Nazis started with queer and trans ppl too. The
> Nazi-book burning pictures you see most often are of the Hirschfeld library.
> Who was Hirschfield? Who was Harry Benjamin? What was the medicalized
> model of the transsexual? Well for that you'd need to read this:
> http://www.sterneck.net/gender/stone-posttranssexuel/index.php
> -- in which Sandy became big sister to us all.
> Ironically enough, for complicated reasons, i'm among sisters who all call
> ourselves transsexuals again.
> But then one of themes is change, right?
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 2:17 AM Allucquere Rosanne Stone <
> allucquere.stone at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> Hi folks, Sandy here.  McKenzie and I met in the mythic time of the
>> latter part of the XXth Century, when she (then he) met a busful of
>> middle-aged theoreticians debarking at a conference venue.  McKenzie
>> glanced at me and then stared with an expression I interpreted as loathing,
>> and which later I realized was something more akin to terror.  I thought
>> that they might be an F2M afraid of being outed, so out of courtesy I gave
>> them a wide berth.  In retrospect I wish I hadn’t.  Roads not taken, ships
>> that pass in the night…
>> At any rate, we’re here now, and it’s a great pleasure.
>> Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of young transpeople in what at some point in the
>> past was a general catchphrase for personal turbulence: going through
>> changes.  Right. Ch-ch-ch-changes.  Who knew.
>> Well.  The present moment is so chockfull of changes.  A close relative,
>> an intelligent, perceptive, empathetic and caring person, is a Trumpist.  J
>> Epstein, an intelligent, perceptive philanthropist, was a raging
>> pedophile.  Valerie Plame has launched a campaign video that either reduces
>> or elevates politics to the level of Hollywood spectacle — literally… all
>> it lacks is Jason Statham and Vin Diesel getting out of the car behind
>> her.  A woman has given birth to a cow’s head.  We’re all busy slouching
>> toward our particular Bethlehem.  What’s not to like?
>> I’ll say something about change that’s more related to this thread
>> later.  This is just a little introductory blurt until I have more time.
>> Sandy
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>> Meph: Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.
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