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Paul Preciado's Libé pieces on his transition are coming out in book form
with Semiotexte, probably next spring. (As is my pre-transition autofiction
text, which is called Reverse Cowgirl.)

I've never met Paul but i love his writing. A lot of trans ppl i know
don't. There's a move to separate trans theory and culture from queer
theory and culture. I'm a bit conflicted about that, and like Paul, to me
they are joined at the hip.

But i do think it will get interesting when we explore a bit more the
aspects of trans life that aren't covered by the terms of queer theory. The
parts that are not fluid, evanescent, trsnsgressive. In other words that
don't have residual traces of romanticism. Transition can also be very
permanent, ordinary and banal.

I'm reminded here of Juliana Huxtable's remark, in her interview in Trap
Door, that as a black trans woman it is a lot safer for her to pass as a
very femme presenting woman than to be nonbinary or nonconforming.

At the level of theory, though, i really agree with the new introduction
Paul added to the Counter-Sexual Manifesto.

Its not said enough: we lost a generation of trans culture because of
HIV/AIDS. I feel a strong obligation to just document what we have now.
Here's my first attempt at that:


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> Dear all
> am waking up M, am sending Sandy to bed to keep this dialogue going.
> am reading you, feeling you. queering the media. the coming out en masse
> I want to intercept with an interview article with Paul B.Preciado,
> published in liberation.fr, 19/03/2019
> headdline: Our trans bodies are an act of dissent from the sex-gender
> system
> https://www.liberation.fr/debats/2019/03/19/paul-b-preciado-nos-corps-trans-sont-un-acte-de-dissidence-du-systeme-sexe-genre_1716157
> (french only, please google translate to read it)
> "Since 2013, the philosopher - Beatriz became Paul B. -, holds through his
> chronicles for "Liberation" the journal of his sexual transition and gender. A
> political act against the norms of identity, the power of patriarchal power
> and capitalism. A vertiginous crossing gathered today in a book." the
> book mentioned is " Un appartement sur Uranus " (2019), surely Paul
> should be known for his Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the
> Pharmacopornographic Era
> <https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17465613-testo-junkie>. (2008)
> I have had the honor to have Paul as my curator for my Venice Biennale
> exhibition 3x3x6 (http://3x3x6.com).
> I was also reminded in my work BRANDON (!998-1999, Guggenheim Museum) for
> which I lived with/through various trans communities (notably London and
> San Francesco),
> at the time, passing, packing, are the keywords.
> And today, we bare our naked body, the scars, the sutures. Do we still
> make manifestos? Are we far away from Manifesto days?
> The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifestio (1992) by Sandy Stone
> https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/7378/3a0f6cde28303ae6537be81c8e948991d2d3.pdf?_ga=2.135023537.1646871020.1568362563-1271082128.1568362563
> a hacker manifesto (2004) by McKenzie Wark
>  https://monoskop.org/images/8/85/Wark_McKenzie_A_Hacker_Manifesto.pdf
> These are monumental documents! I am indebted for these enlightments.
> Here i also like to dedicate this week's dialogue to Armin Medosch, who i
> have shared life and worked with, a much celebrated artist, writer,
> critique who died too young to start their own research into queer media.
> Till sunday (september 15) here at -empyre-, let the empire strikes back
> en masse, en force.
> sl
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