[-empyre-] carnal hermeneutics -- body without organs

Simon SWHTaylor at zoho.com
Sun Sep 15 08:57:57 AEST 2019

Dear empyreans,

languages of the body ... these are the languages in which we live, no?

they may be contrasted with Derrida's "schemas and languages that are 
already there"

there is an historic debate about there being /a /language of the body, 
or language of a body

as one who works in theatre against performance, against representation, 
such a language, for me, is in the gesture to the /point in depth/, from 
which what is coming is coming. It is virtual.

Its virtuality consists in being not yet, or no longer, or not merely 
actual. So it is displacement without replacement--or what we might call 
an action.

I like that Miró called it painting's assassin, this point in depth, 
with infinite motility, since it displaces, virtualising, space onto 
time, and since it displaces, virtualising, time onto space ...

thought may be said to have this infinite speed




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