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Allucquere Rosanne Stone moves the clitoris to the palm of her hand, 
slowly yet urgently she rubs her palm to a delicious orgasm, she is 
standing amidst a large auditorium.
Her seminal work "The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the 
Mechanical Age" was just published (1995).  She repeated this act.. 
calling for "Will the Real Body Please Stand up?". In 1999, I staged a 
virtual court with global participation for BRANDON at Theatrum 
Anatomicum (Waag Society, Amsterdam), I borrowed (stole) this phrase 
from her and titled the online virtual trial session " Would the Jurors 
Please Stand Up? Crime and Punishment as net spectacle". a credit is 
due, an homage has to be paid.

Oh, Sandy, keep the thumb out on the exit of superhighway (well, any 
trace of it) , i will make sure to swing by and pick you up..... maybe 
we run into McKenzie going home from the rave in early morning, getting 
picked up by 'chaser-slash-cop' in her short dress, we will come to 
rescue, taking M into our car, driving the sunrise to sunset.. all 
theories get thrown out of the car window as fingers get to act.

My gratitude to Sandy and McKenzie.  This has been  an amazing week on 
-empyre- . [end of week2, stwst48x5 expanded]
Thanks to all contributors, jaimes, Isabelle, Charles, Elae, Rian, 
Alice, Simon, Melinda and Ana, the words, the thoughts.

very best


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