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to empyre-ers

We start the third week of STAY UNFINISHEDxxxYours Sincerely, a special 
month long online edition of STWST48x5 EXPANDED hosted by -empyre-.

This past August, news from the streets of Hong Kong hit us with tear 
gas, cannons of blue water, batons and sticks, meanwhile, AMAZON is burning.
The fire spread, The Brazilian government refused any help from the 
'first' world. Let it burn!! Some speculative news articles started 
showing up in various press.
Soybean, trade war with China and amazon fires, can you weave these 

forest, cows, soybeans, machines, trades, global food/trade politics++++++

Some keywords to start this week.

I have invited Margaretha Haughwout, who also serves as a empyre board 
of director, to be the moderator for this week's discussion.

Margaretha's personal and collaborative artwork is perhaps best 
understood as a kind of /multispecies worlding, /a co-becoming that

occurs through entanglements with other life forms. Moving across 
technology and wilderness, digital networks and the urban commons,

cybernetics and whole systems permaculture, her practice seeks to 
antagonize proprietary regimes, colonial temporalities, and capitalist 
forms of labor.

For STWST48x5 (Linz, September 6-8), Margaretha presented her recent 
collaborative project, APRIORI, a faux research and development group

that uncovers revolutionary ecologies between plants and machines with 
Efrén Cortés Cruz, Lynn DeSilva Johnson[Elæ], and Suzanne Husky.

We are joined by

Fabi Borges (Brazil)

Amanda McDonald Crowley (USA)

Oliver Kellhammer (USA)

Escher Tsai (Taiwan)

Dawn Weleski (USA)

Dan Phiffer (USA)

who Margaretha will further introduce.

 From the frontline of resistance,  we also hope to bring in updates 
from Lucas Bambozzi (Sao Paulo) who is working on disappearing 
landscapes and jamie.kelsey-fry(London) of


Has the fall arrived in your part of the timezone yet?

We surely welcome all insights, input from you, the readers, the 
lurkers, let the amazon fire smokes you out of the cave!!


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