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Thank you for this narrative. Looking forward seeing ypur movie.


Em Ter, 17 de set de 2019 12:01, Shu Lea Cheang <shulea at earthlink.net>

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> oh, Lucas, thought you would be deep into preparing your feature film
> about disappearing landscapes... so ask you for a drive by front line post
> of the film in development!
> a proper introduce is due.
> Lucas is a friend and an artist I respect a lot, somehow we tend to run
> into each other in festivals in European cities, but indeed, i havent seen
> Lucas around for a few years now.
> Lucas Bambozzi creates media-based works such as video, live AV,
> installations and interactive projects. His pieces have been shown in more
> than 40 countries, held by organizations such as Moma NY, ZKM, Frankfurter
> Kunstverein, ISEA-Ruhr, ISEA/Albuquerque, Laboral, Http Gallery in London,
> Havana Biennale, ŠKUC gallery, WRO Biennale, Zero1 San Jose, and many
> venues in Brazil, such as the São Paulo Biennale. Lucas was one of the
> initiators of arte.mov, Mobile Art Festival. His projects Mobile Crash and
> Labmovel got Honorary Mentions at Ars Eletronica. In his most recent
> projects Lucas has been engaged in critical approaches involving
> informational spaces and electromagnetic fields in public realm. He
> recently concluded his PhD at FAUUSP and currently teaches at FAAP in São
> Paulo.
> If indeed, Lucas can hang around a bit with us, i am super grateful.
> Let me bring up these points of debate-
> Lucas Bambozzi posted: Lavra is a film about disappearing landscapes, the
> losses of a world and the attempts to recover them, in the ongoing war
> between capitalism and nature.
> While doing the film, we have been witnessing the upraising of awareness
> movements, such as MAM – Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens
> <http://mamnacional.org.br/> and MAB – Movimento dos Atingidos por
> Barragens <https://www.mabnacional.org.br/>, assisting impacted
> communities about their rights and also helping people to review one's
> relationship with nature, consumption. and the notion of progress.
> and to echo Fabi's remarks, "The developmentalist project is still in
> full swing and the consciousness of the earth, interspecies relations,
> ayahuasca rituals, organic gardens, the diversity of peoples and their
> modes of existence are still largely ghetto conversations that do not earn
> enough in the world of market or stock market.......
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