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Hi everybody, good to read all this treads!!! quite a lot!!

some contributions:

To BBC news Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment of Brazil, said
that we need capitalist solutions to the Amazon, we need ''monetize' the

Most people don't trust in the good intention in the words of the minister.

But the idea remains. Is there a Capitalist solution for the Amazon? Can we
monetize the amazon? And that is a good idea?

Let's extended this idea to all biomes, including the human beans, and we
have the question: Can we produce, preserve and recover in a capitalist
system? or: Can we produce, preserve and recover in a socialist system?

The answer still the same: Technique and resources allocation.

There's a technique that recover and preserve the Biome while producing?

The answer is "Yes", at least for the rain forests. The Agroforestry, or
Food Forest is proving we can produce, preserve and recover at the same
time using agroforestry techniques! And we can produce more per hectare
compared to traditional monocultures.

What do we need for agroforestry to become mainstream?

Resources allocation. We need investment in this area. If we want
agroforestry to override the monoculture than we need more investments in
agroforestry (and other agroecological techniques).

There's some efforts to create Crowdfunding Platforms to connect
agroecological farmers and investors. This platforms needs investments too.
It is complex to invest criptocoins for exemple directly with the farmers,
groups, indigenous, mst workers, but through crowdfunding it could be a
The connection between them would be straight way with the angels
(investors) the platforms and the farmers (angels too). The return on this
investment can be negotiated directly with each platform. I cant give some
platforms right now, because it is still in the beginning, if someone have
the platforms, give abundance to this dialogue.

Agroforestry, as we know, produces not only food and wood, but also fibers,
proteins, sugars, fabrics, fuel and many other raw materials for the
production of various products. So we also needed investments in the
logistics, distribution, processing and sale of these raw materials. (and
of course it is a lot of money, all this people who got rich with
criptocoins could start to think about investment in agroforestry and
agroecology in countries like Brasil, and others in the same position (it
is a very interesting way to resist the land's war, eat a health food and
help the earthlings).

(maybe the farmers will need some guns in the next few years (and here I am
not been moral, just realistic)). But we are so nice to think about it :-)

We need allocate resources to this areas, not matter the system. And the
Amazon is still really big and wonderful, full of water, and amazing
We have to remember the amazing people and amazing water always!

We are living the land's war, we know that. So, I don't want to sounds
pessimistic... But if we don't plan agroforestry as the new economic /
financial value in the market, stock market, criptomarket we will loose for
the monoculture. Because that I say it is a value fight (it is already
going on in a very slow and beautiful way).


I would like to say as well  we (technoshamanism network) are in a campaign
right now with a specific indigenous village (Aldeia Pará Pataxó) were we
did the
II Festival of Technoshamanism in 2016 - some photos here:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/22405820@N08/albums/72157673936765924. We got
just now from France 20 thousand euros (I know it is nothing, we would
prefere the 80 millions from Germany, because the Brazilian government is
not giving anything for "this bullshit" but), it is already something.

During the festival we started a agroforestry in the village with the
Pataxós, a center of media, and now we will help them to construct a health
center (one of the bolsonaro's ordinance was cut up the health rights to
the indigenous), they want to make a autonomous regional reference health
center putting together the traditional medicine and white medicine as they
call it, because they say now they have white's diseases. This request is
also a challenge, how to approach a laboratorial  medicine with the
medicine that is full of smokes and skin rubs? They will say we will help.

So with this money we will make a TASK FORCE FOR HEALTH!!!! MUTIRÃO
PATAXÓ!!!! https://tecnoxamanismo.wordpress.com/
it would be now in 12 of October, but we did not get the money on time, so
we will make it in the next months (I think in April, they are asking it to
All this magic thought is what make they so magic, so full of wisdom of
time, and all that incredible culture!! They still have it, please don't
loose it!!!

The internet campaign is finished right now, we can tell you when the
center starts operating full of new demands (see, the the government will
not invest in it).

We will make more four events in Europe - two in Paris (where I am, invite
me for a drink) and one in London (i will be there too, let's go).

19/09 - Toulouse

21/09 - Paris

24/09 - Paris

28/09 - London

*The health center will depend a lot of solar plaque, plants that remove
pests and mosquitoes, medicinal garden, and agroforestry food.*

Ps. The pataxós are not exporting food yet, but spaces, teas, bath herbs,
they are already thinking, why not? They work so hard for the resorts in
the summer.

 it is already too much words :)
thank you Shu Lea and Margaretha to invite me here,

keep on.

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> Lucas,
> Thank you for this narrative. Looking forward seeing ypur movie.
> best
> s
> Em Ter, 17 de set de 2019 12:01, Shu Lea Cheang <shulea at earthlink.net>
> escreveu:
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>> oh, Lucas, thought you would be deep into preparing your feature film
>> about disappearing landscapes... so ask you for a drive by front line post
>> of the film in development!
>> a proper introduce is due.
>> Lucas is a friend and an artist I respect a lot, somehow we tend to run
>> into each other in festivals in European cities, but indeed, i havent seen
>> Lucas around for a few years now.
>> Lucas Bambozzi creates media-based works such as video, live AV,
>> installations and interactive projects. His pieces have been shown in more
>> than 40 countries, held by organizations such as Moma NY, ZKM, Frankfurter
>> Kunstverein, ISEA-Ruhr, ISEA/Albuquerque, Laboral, Http Gallery in London,
>> Havana Biennale, ŠKUC gallery, WRO Biennale, Zero1 San Jose, and many
>> venues in Brazil, such as the São Paulo Biennale. Lucas was one of the
>> initiators of arte.mov, Mobile Art Festival. His projects Mobile Crash and
>> Labmovel got Honorary Mentions at Ars Eletronica. In his most recent
>> projects Lucas has been engaged in critical approaches involving
>> informational spaces and electromagnetic fields in public realm. He
>> recently concluded his PhD at FAUUSP and currently teaches at FAAP in São
>> Paulo.
>> If indeed, Lucas can hang around a bit with us, i am super grateful.
>> Let me bring up these points of debate-
>> Lucas Bambozzi posted: Lavra is a film about disappearing landscapes,
>> the losses of a world and the attempts to recover them, in the ongoing war
>> between capitalism and nature.
>> While doing the film, we have been witnessing the upraising of awareness
>> movements, such as MAM – Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens
>> <http://mamnacional.org.br/> and MAB – Movimento dos Atingidos por
>> Barragens <https://www.mabnacional.org.br/>, assisting impacted
>> communities about their rights and also helping people to review one's
>> relationship with nature, consumption. and the notion of progress.
>> and to echo Fabi's remarks, "The developmentalist project is still in
>> full swing and the consciousness of the earth, interspecies relations,
>> ayahuasca rituals, organic gardens, the diversity of peoples and their
>> modes of existence are still largely ghetto conversations that do not earn
>> enough in the world of market or stock market.......
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