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Mon Sep 23 12:47:05 AEST 2019

Thanks for these insights, Dan. I'm glad to have the chance to think with
you and everyone about how mapping has historically been exploited and is
now corrupted under Bolsonaro and the far right more generally...  adds
another node in considering connections between the post-truth era, late
capitalism, media, and post-Enlightenment....

And thank you everyone for participating this week -- Brian, Lucas, Sergio,
Fabi, Escher, Oliver, Ana, Dawn, Dean, Lucio, and Dan -- big gratitude.
Gratitude especially to the folks from Brazil for taking the time to give
-empyre- news and profound insight, ways to support the fight. Wishing all
of you the very best and an immediate end to the fires.

The conversation is Unfinished! of course.

Looking forward to next week, and thank you, Shu Lea.



Bringing it back to the AMAZON IS BURNING subject line, I guess the point
> is to try to pry apart the cartographic artifact from the territory it
> depicts. It seems so easy to mistake the little blue dot on the phone as
> the present here and now, missing the very particular perspective projected
> onto what we see around us.
> <3
> Dan
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