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For this 4^th week of STAY UNFINISHED EXPANDED at –empire- soft-skinned 
space, we want to open up the topics of discussion, we welcome 
submission of YOUR unfinished proposals, works marked SAVED and out of 
desktop, works in developing and processing.  We will also bring in 
multi-thread inter-crossover conversations with many players i hope to 

First, let me bring in (finally) *my co-curators Tanja Brandmayr and 
Franz Xaver of Stadtwerkstatt (http://stwst.at), an *art, club and 
autonomous structure existed since 1979. The three of us *co-curated 
this year’s STWSTx5, the 5^th edition of STWST’s 48 hour 
*showcase-extravaganza held in conjunction with Ars Electronica early 
September every year since 2015.

Like many of us on –empyre-, including our beloved Renate Ferro (with 
Tim Murray) who administer this listserve, we can all be running 
organizations, institutes, offices, labs, ANDwe are artists.*STWST48 is 
special in its programmation that we as artists curate (others' work) 
and we also present our own artistic endeavours.


*Tanja Brandmayr*has been working for many years in different contexts 
between text, staging and art. Labelling her art and context research 
Quasikunst (http://quasikunst.stwst.at),

she has created a series of work since the first edition of STWST48, 
*Trees*(2015), *Fog****(2016), ****Iceber**g* (2017) , Wind (2018) and 
this year “Deep Drilling for Contracts“ in which she digs down a sound 
hole in the basement of STWST.


Franz Xaver who works with computer languages, audio-visual productions, 
electronics and electrical technics started INFOLAB at STWST.This year, 
Xaver presented SAND HOLE, a concave sand hole with a diameter of 12 
metres dug in front of Stadtwerkstatt building. This hole bundles the 
hydrogen radiation of the universe, receiving signals called 


Tanja states:Quasikunst is systemic-performative research. Each 
Quasikunst project is a systemic structure, defines itself as contrast 
and underground in all directions. Quasikunst means: dissociating, 
superimposed states, diffuse collectives, abstruse connections, other 
material, simultaneous saying yes and no. Oppositions question 
contradictions, contexts are extended by more contexts.**


Xaver states: InfoLab takes up “the nature of information” as a matter 
of inquiry to conduct ongoing information research projects. While the 
world of natural sciences updates and releases information through 
logical conclusions, the information LAB retrieves seemingly meaningless 
information data without seeking conclusive arguments. It is about the 
interplay between reality and information, about the observation of 
observation, taking in contingency randomness in the process of encoding 
unique information, looking deeper into concepts of decision-making and 

Joining Infolab and QuasiKunst,STWST now places its art/research 
productions under the title ‘ New Art Contexts” . Proclaiming art beyond 
new media, emphasis is given to contexts that question other contexts, 
or dichotomies that are juxtaposed with contradictions. These 
installative or textual “theaters of meaning” construct new contexts and 
contradictions. The (irrational) contexts in question are underpinned 
with theories about quasi-objects like the actor-network theory, 
respectively such theories become elements of the artistic setting. A 
distinct focus is also the collision/collusion of systemic dichotomies, 
in the sense of levelling. Respectively the opposite, as a similar 
emphasis is given to the opposite concept of “contestation” – via 
artistically constructed coordinate systems against levelling.

With this concept, this year STWST48x5 launched an open call 
internationally and brought in same minded art projects for the duration 
of 48 hours, including APRIORI (http://weareapriori.net) with Efrén Cruz 
Cortés, ELÆ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson], Margaretha Haughwout, Suzanne 
Husky; Raumerweiterungshalle (http://raumerweiterungshalle.net),a 
transfeminist project and creative events space(ship) in Berlin; Soybean 
Futures (http://dimensionplus.co/en/projects/soybean.html) by Dimension 
Plus; Claudia Reiche and Helen von Olderburg’s Civil Wilderness 
(http://civilwilderness.info) and Dream Group Practices: Hijacked 
Futures X the Anti-hijacking dreams 
(http://mauvaiscontact.info/proposal/dreamgrouppractices.pdf) with 
Fabiane M.Borges & Rafael Frazao and Darko Fritz' I_AM_STILL_ALIVE.HTML 
all works STAY UNFINISHED.......

Let the week begins with this introduction of NEW ART CONTEXTS.

If I can smoke Sandy out of the cave, hope that you lurkers out there 
make some murmur or shout out ...join us, or SOS: HELP, UNSUBSCRIBE ME.

We should see how this multi-threads of discussion play out during the 
week of September 23-30, 2019.

All the best


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