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This week,  we invite you all to share and post your proposal(s) that 
stay unfinished if you so wish...

a note on posting your STAY unfinished proposal, unfinished, yet still 
working on, keeping alive...
please use this same subject line

proposal proposal +++ and add a title of your project. i.e. proposal 
proposal +++ my beautiful day - Shu Lea Cheang

sorry to be so specific, want to keep the archive threaded by subject also.

.... meanwhile i caught up with a few old friends, collaborators who 
respond to the call for posting the proposals. I would like to introduce 
them to get the proposal postings started for the week.

a multi-thread week, pick one, pick two, three to follow....

many thanks to all


  * Pamela L. Jennings**is nationally recognized as a thought leader for
    integrative research and learning across the arts and STEM. A Ph.D.
    from the CAIIA program through the University of Plymouth School of
    Computing, Electronics, and Mathematics, creative problem solving
    through computational thinking, creativity, and technology is the
    catalyst of Pamela’s policy, philanthropic, academic, research, and
    entrepreneurial projects.She has advocated for integrative learning
    and research across a range of institutions from serving as a
    National Science Foundation Program Officer; advisor to the National
    Academies of Sciences and research designer at the IBM Almaden and
    SRI International think tanks. Pamela has been the founding director
    and leader of several innovation creativity initiatives in higher
    education in the United States and Canada.She is the Chief Imagineer
    of CONSTRUKTS, Inc. that is developing a next-Gen mixed-reality
    learning platform.Pamela’s engagement in technology research,
    MAKING, and product innovation has a foundation in her work as a
    digital media artist. Her work has been funded and supported by the
    National Science Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, New
    York Council on the Arts, and Wolfram Research.
  * http://www.pamelajennings.org| http://www.construkts.com

  * Isabelle Arvers is a French artist and curator exploring for over 20
    years the fields of digital art and video game, on formal as well as
    ethical and critical approaches. Her work explores the hacking
    possibilities of video games and mostly materializes in films called
    machinimas to be screened in on-site performative installation
    spaces. Arvers’ work grounded on collaborative experiences reflects
    all the possibilities of the "working together" processes. As a
    curator, she focuses on video game as a new language and as a medium
    for artists, notable exhibitions include Mind Control (Banana RAM
    Ancona, Italy, 2004), Node Runner (Paris, 2004), Playing Real
    (Gamerz, 2007), Game Heroes (Alcazar, Marseille, 2011), Evolution of
    Gaming (Vancouver, 2014)., Gamelab (UCLA, LA 2015, 2017),Machinima
    in Mash Up (Vancouver Art Gallery, 2016).In 2019, she embarks on an
    art and games world tour in non western countries to promote
    diversity of gender, sexuality and geographic origin and focuses on
    queer, feminist and decolonial practices. Working towards an
    exhibition and an international conference on post colonial game
    studies to be held at la Sorbonne in 2020, her reports on the
    research tour can be read online in Usbek & Rica, Poptronics, Immersion.
  * http:// www.isabellearvers.com <http://www.isabellearvers.com/>  |

  * Jamika Ajalon is an author / wordist and inter-disciplinary artist,
    Jamika Ajalon works with different mediums independently, but also
    in  multiple  fusions- incorporating written and spoken text,
    sound/music, and visuals.   Her poems, stories and essays have been
    published in various digital and hard copy publications
    internationally.  She is a columnist for Itchy Silk magazine
      (“queer plume: the fugitive diaries”), co conspirator at
    lpressl.com <http://lpressl.com>,  guest lecturer , (including
    Vienna Arts Academy, and American University Paris),vocalist,
    writer/ musician, (Zenzile/Jamika & the Argonauts).  She has
    performed her audio visual anti lectures /sonic slam, and exhibited
    widely, (including Rennes Biennale of contemporary
    art,(2018),DISTURBANCE expo Kunsthalle Leipzig,(2017),Beton Salon,
    Paris (2017).  She has a BA Film/Video, MA Communications in Culture
    and Society, Goldsmiths University,London.  Her book poetry “Take
    Back the Narrative” is now available for public consumption.
  * www.jamikaajalon.com <http://www.jamikaajalon.com>

  * Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI) is a Scottish 'artist-organiser',
    cultural producer, educator and independent researcher. He
    specialises in developing and leading inter- and trans- disciplinary
    projects exploring connections between art, digital culture and
    science, cultural activism, ecological and sustainability movements,
    cultural heritage and collaborative networks. Strengths lie in
    hybridity, communications, organisation and network arts: the
    ability to bring together and involve people in creative,
    collaborative exploration, developing temporary communities,
    gathering unexpected elements and components as new spaces of/for
    cultural activity. What is left behind as social, digital, material
    and ephemeral residue of 'being t/here' has been a consistent
    concern. Archived more or less here. http://agryfp.info

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