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Thanks Shu Lea for the invite to discuss 'publishing' as unfinished business.

I'm come into the discussion under the grouping of ' UNFINISHED publishing - Mute/MetaMute andNeural/Neural.it' and my new header of ' Open Climate Knowledge' might seem 'off-piste' but hopefully I can explain, or start an explanation.

My Mute/Metamute colleagues Pauline van Mourik Broekman and Josephine Berry are also taking part in this list session postings, so I'm sure we can bring up many threads of Mute's work - and there are many :-)

Part of my contribution to Mute and which is VERY unfinished business is 'publishing systems/processes/and ways of doing things'. Mute constantly evolved its publishing medium/modes - web, newspaper, magazine, CMSs, Wikis, books, PoD, free to read, anti-copyright - and through these changes Mute grew and worked closely with many FOSS groups, systems, and platforms.

Personally I was working with these FOSS publishing systems in a McLuhanesque way 'the medium is the message/massage' that fascinated me and still does. Back then it might have been with platforms floating around at 'Wizards of OS' or 'hacker events', now it is with a variety of non-platforms, anti-platforms, such as https://dokie.li/ - with the ambition to de-silo the world.

Work that was done with Mute I have now moved into academic and research publishing systems (medium) and this brings me to the 'Open Climate Knowledge' publishing project. It will come as no surprise to people that technically and socially scholarly publishing is very broken, or you could say UNFINISHED - no, that would be too kind.

With Peter Murray-Rust (PMR), a long time open access advocate, we have started an open collaboration to make climate change research publishing 100% open access - ASAP. Current rates are <30%, see: Bond-Lamberty, Ben, A. Peyton Smith, and Vanessa Bailey. ‘Running an Open Experiment: Transparency and Reproducibility in Soil and Ecosystem Science’. Environmental Research Letters 11, no. 8 (29 July 2016): 084004. https://doi.org/10/gfb39g 

PMR has a data mining software framework that can search repositories to build up stats on open access (OA) rates in different sectors and you can do this too in your fields too - with repositories such as OpenPubMed, CrossRef, etc. With this knowledge base we will then consult and look to build a plan and recommendations about how to make the transition to full OA. See the framework here and if you have questions, post away or raise an issue: https://github.com/petermr/climate

And you can read more here https://genr.eu/wp/open-climate-knowledge-100-oa-for-climate-change/

To move to 100% OA for climate change we reject the current OA policies such as DEAL, Plan S, as these have the effect of continuing to exclude Global South researchers by further embedding high author fees (article processing charge - APC), - which could be 1.000-5.000€ per research article.

The are many other dimensions to 'publishing' questions and climate change and it is worth bringing in one more, in terms of what is accessible to 'the public'. A recent study shows how YouTube discriminates against climate sciences and makes it impossible to know what is in YouTube (there is no catalog) and there is no public knowledge of what is being viewed. See: Allgaier, Joachim. ‘Science and Environmental Communication on YouTube: Strategically Distorted Communications in Online Videos on Climate Change and Climate Engineering’. Frontiers in Communication 4 (2019). https://doi.org/10/gf8rst 

Open Climate Knowledge has only been out in the open for a few weeks, we're still getting things together and welcome all input, suggestions, comments, help, and critique.

Many thanks

Simon Worthington

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