[-empyre-] UNFINISHED publishing - Mute/MetaMute and Neural/Neural.it

Simon SWHTaylor at zoho.com
Fri Sep 27 08:17:40 AEST 2019

On 26/09/19 10:28 PM, Nicholas Thoburn wrote:
> critical immanence to neoliberal capital, mythopoesis from the 
> constraint or loss of the subject of labour.

I wonder how this critical immanence is to be achieved--and this is my 
unfinished work at present--when (at a time when, and could there be any 
other time?), the subject of labour is not lost but evolves as its 
object? when the constraint of the subject of labour is to perform, even 
to perform critically, even as a critically immanent or mythopoetic object?

The interruption seems to be that of the object injected into the 
subject, machine in the ghost: whether writing machine or embodied 
subject these are both animated and automated in critical immanence to 
neoliberal capital in order to give to it the appearance it seeks and 
the form that is sought for it of analytical autonomy. Of which the 
coils of Leviathan and scorecards of social control (Behemoth?) of which 
Deleuze, as you wrote, writes.



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