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This opens up so many areas. Attention issues are a critical issue in 
education today; I don't think even now that cellphone addiction has been 
sufficiently dealt with or at least addressed. I keep hearing people 
making snap decisions or taking snap metaphors from physics (i.e. black 
hole this, black hole that, etc.); if you look at any elementary physics 
book today, you immediately recognize how complex, how amazing convoluted 
the world is! And it takes years for a student to comprehend this, to deal 
with it, even to constribute to the field. It's even more of an issue 
with, for example, contemporary biology, genetics, etc. For a while I 
studied physical anthropology in college and it was a relatively simple 
and organized field - today you need geology, genetics, molecular 
analysis, computer reconstruction, etc. It can be incredibly exciting but 
it's demanding on a student. So it's the same thing culture-wide - I agree 
with you. On one hand the world is unbelievable, and unbelievably layered; 
on the other, students want the imminence of the screen, of a digital life 
where everything is at-hand. There's no easy answer...

I've gone through Susskind's Theoretical Minimum books (not understanding 
everything); they're enormously enriching; he does an amazing job at 
bringing the fundamentals and their contradictions home...

Best, Alan, in agreement!

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