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Dear Annie

Thank you.

Very courageous for posting here on this particular topics and i also 
thank Miha, Ana, Murat, Alan, Ruth, Simon, Theresa and Sandy who share 
their very personal thoughts on this. I do want us to feel here at 
-empyre- soft skinned space, among our colleagues (contemporaries), we 
can bring these issues up. Being naked, vulnerable and brave. For a long 
time. i have not thought it is possible to bring my sex work (my side 
job as scifi porn filmmaker) or queer/gender issues into 'legitimate' 
media forum discussion. I am glad this september here at -empyre-, we 
make a step forward.

Without getting into penetration, Sandy's orgasmic performance in which 
she relocates her G-spot to her palm, rubbing it (masturbate) to arrive 
at orgasm with public encouragement. Sandy was performing this act in 
pretty much all major media conferences in the 90s,to recall this act, 
Sandy must be in her late 50s at the time? She has virtually 
repositioned her orgasmic power.

Sandy Stone on interaction, interface and Desire. 



On 30.09.19 12:32, Annie Abrahams wrote:
> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Hi all,
> Trying to look back at these few days I notice it is difficult to 
> treat the subject of "sexuality and age" in public. I read some very 
> touching stories on ageing (Simon, Ana), but we only sidewise touched 
> on sexuality, on the kind (what kind?) that goes with old age.
> We only sidewise touched on sexuality, on the kind (what kind?) that 
> goes with old age. But that is a construct (Miha). Thanks to Ruth for 
> encouraging me, for pointing to how politic the subject is and to how 
> body-chemistry permanently changes the way it feels to be alive, and 
> in relation to other people, that it opens up whole new dimensions of 
> relating and resonating with the world, whilst leaving behind others. 
> FromMurat's reaction I learned how awfully difficult it is to discuss 
> the subject in public.
> I think I will go on researching, but I will try to create safer 
> conditions. It feels necessary and I am not afraid to fail (nothing to 
> loose :)). If so, I will contact some of you again. I will need diversity.
> If someone else on the list would be interested or can give me tips 
> for a "how to" please write me a personal mail.
> Ageing goes with loss as Murat said.
> Socializing our houses and our ageing (Ana) won't be done for us, so 
> yes we should start making kin, taking care (Sandy) early.
> It can also be an opportunity. It is an opportunity for resilience and 
> change.
> Shu Lea thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to mutate my 
> anger to an interesting exchange.
> Ps.
> I would love to see the exhibition Alan dreams of - Anger is a force ....
> On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 10:29 AM Allucquere Rosanne Stone 
> <sandy at sandystone.com <mailto:sandy at sandystone.com>> wrote:
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>     I just returned from dinner with a robust, boisterous group of
>     people who live in cohousing.  They decided to follow Donna's
>     injunction to "make kin", and they're successful at it. People of
>     many ages, many professions, including the elderly and the
>     differently abled.  They care for each other.
>     I helped build and help run a community radio station that brings
>     together people of many ages and many ability levels to keep alive
>     our motto "many voices, one station".  We care for each other.
>     Instead of looking outward at the horrors perpetrated by our
>     society on the old and sick and different and differently abled,
>     we look inward and build our own for our own.  It's extremely
>     hard, it's dangerous, it's possible to fail.  But if we don't make
>     kin, if we don't take care of our own, no one will.  To that, I
>     dedicate a large portion of my life. Let others point out how
>     awful life can be for the elderly, and let others try to
>     understand what can be done and how to do it.  In the warping
>     presence of the destructive forces of capital, in the face of all
>     of patriarchy's evil, we'll simply do all we can to continue to
>     make kin and to care for each other.
>     That's all I have to say on the topic of aging.
>     Sandy
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