[-empyre-] Accumulations: Closing down this month's discussion

Kevin Lo lo.kevinck at gmail.com
Fri Dec 25 11:34:01 AEDT 2020

Happy holidays all,

I'm sending this after the fact here, but Daniel suggested I write into the
thread too.
My duo's project: Return the Eye, is running through February, and can be
found here: https://cloacaprojects.com/returntheeye/
Among other things, it joins viewers in controlling 3 security cameras
within the Cloaca Gallery space, where we have installed pieces atop a
photographic studio-esque maritime Lima flag (contagion). Users experience
the space by orienting themselves via the cameras – there's no
VR/Matterport gallery experience here – and if multiple users are on the
page together, their camera movements may be antagonized by those of other
users, or bots. The work also incorporates a multi-user controllable sound
synthesizer, where users who are navigating the page simultaneously control
multiple randomized parameters of the sonic space, which changes state
every 15 minutes, in a form of networked collaboration. Our hope is that
viewers synchronize their visits to the website with other users.

Wishing you all the best, from long time -empyre- lurkers,
Kevin and alex (Oakland, CA)

On Thu, 24 Dec 2020 at 08:14, Daniel Lichtman <danielp73 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Dear Empyre Community,
> This is a note to say we're closing down the Accumulations discussion for
> this month. The exhibition, http://accumulations.online, will remain
> online.
> My heartfelt thanks to artists that contributed. I truly enjoyed sharing
> and discussing all of your work: Angeliki Diakrousi and Cristina Cochior
> with Temporary Riparian Zone; Lee Tusman with Messlife; Oscar Alfonso,
> Simon Fuh, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Sophia Oppel, Benjamin de Boer, Rowan Lynch,
> Sameen Mahboubi, Philip Leonard Ocampo with View Recent Changes; Char
> Stiles with Email Rituals; Maximillian Goldfarb with Reports; Sophie Dyer
> and Sasha Engelmann with Open Weather; and Elia Vargas and collaborators
> with Atmosphere.
> Also a very big thank you to empyre members who joined the discussion to
> share your projects and comments.
> And finally, sincere thanks to Renate Ferro and Timothy Murray for having
> me as host this month, and for their continued support for the empyre
> listserve and community.
> I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period.
> Dan
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