[-empyre-] Is green gaming an oxymoron?

Jeff Watson remotedevice at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 05:59:15 AEDT 2020

One thing I'd like to do is a run a studio class challenging design
students to make videogames using low-power scavenged/repurposed
computer parts. The possibility space of videogames even if we were to
limit ourselves to 90s or early 00s-level (or earlier) computing power
is still basically an endlessly explorable design space. Educators
need to push back against the industrial pressure to teach around
emerging tech--or at least, work to balance out that pressure by
opening eyes to other potentials.

Verisimilitude, sensory immersion, haptics, brain-machine interfaces,
etc are frequently thought of as the future of videogames & electronic
entertainment, but there are of course many possible futures here.
Love Alenda's "text-Only Tuesdays" and low-"Framerate Fridays"
provocations. Very keen to hear other alternative visions.

I also very much appreciate Lauren's reminder w/r/t world-making (via
Propen) that games really can bring us into closer contact with
complex structural issues, and agree with Alenda's caution not to
think of all this in either/or terms or to throw the baby out with the
bathwater. Of course, Sonia's notes on attention economy complicate
things in important ways...

Maybe we're not dealing with an oxymoron here so much as two
(necessarily) entangled tracks of conversation: what to do "with" the
amazing power of computing machinery to facilitate and contour
playtime/manage attention; and what to do "about" it?


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