[-empyre-] Is green gaming an oxymoron?

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Sat Mar 7 10:33:03 AEDT 2020

So many crucial points have been raised in the last few posts, I need to
limit myself to three (out of green media usage concern or respecting your
attention levels).

Let’s start with speed, an aspect of green technology consumption Alenda
mentioned in her post. As Paul Virilio writes, we are living in an era of
“dromocracy”, in an age of acceleration.  This seems to be especially
noticeable since the advent of digital technology. With every CPU
generation the speed of the calculating machine increased, and with it the
capacity to process more information in shorter time intervals. This
accelerating trend is not stopping with quantum computing on the horizon
(e.g. the concept of quantum advantage describing how much faster a quantum
computer can solve a problem in comparison to a classical computer). Sadly,
I do not know enough about quantum computing technology but my media
theoretical hat tells me there is something we imagine wrongly – the sheer
speed to process the every growing big data heaps creates a
self-referential monster system, which consumes real-world resources to
sustain its ever more present simulated existence. This line of thought is
getting a bit sci-fi-ish but “counter-realism” to emphasize with Judith
Butler (
is a crucial social strategy.

Sonia Fizek
Digital Wanderer & Ludic Thinker
Associate Professor in Media and Games Studies
Cologne Game Lab, TH Köln
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