[-empyre-] point of view from a hospital for a brain surgery while cov19

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Fri Mar 13 05:52:56 AEDT 2020

Hi everyone

again about cov19


Things change, things stay the same:

just like 7 years ago, I find myself in an hospital to have a brain surgery
(all's fine this time, too)

and just like 7 years ago it's super-important to reposition disease in our
society, with all our strength and through all our capacity to be an example

The Patient is never the only one diseased:

it is the entire society, in solidarity among all.

This is even more true in our hyperconnected world: in which we live and in
which everything depends on everything else.

This is the limit, tragedy, but also the great opportunty of our times:
when data + computation are not a merely technical deal anymore, they
assume an existential value for their characterstic of being our only
credible way to experience complex, global, interconnected phenomena.

This requires an enormous transformation: to our values, to our sense of
solidarity, to how we perceive the ecosystem we live in.

In one world: to our culture.

Without an Ecosystemic Culture we will not make it: now it's cov19, then
will be climate change and others, and things will be the same or worse.

We need to start designing and building it together, now.

Best wishes to you all
salvatore iaconesi

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