[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 3: Queer, feminist, and race-conscious games and game studies

Chang, Edmond change at ohio.edu
Sat Mar 21 16:25:47 AEDT 2020

Hello, all,

I hope everyone is weathering the physical distancing well and finding some digital socializing!  I was joking the other day online that gamers, particularly MMO players, should be giving the world some tips about how to find ways to connect through gaming.  Of course, reaching back in time, I wish we could go back to the heyday of chat, instant messenger, ICQ, MUDs, and MOOs, many of which were the first LGBTQ+ oases on the Internet.  In fact, LambdaMOO (based on multi-user dungeon text-based persistent worlds) is still up, and I often take my virtual worlds and video games classes on digital field trips: https://robmyers.org/lambdamoo/


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