[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 3: Queer, feminist, and race-conscious games and game studies

Alenda Chang achang at filmandmedia.ucsb.edu
Sun Mar 22 04:52:19 AEDT 2020

True enough, Ed--as I sit here trying to write this, my son is playing
multiplayer Minecraft with a few of his schoolfriends, also connected
by Discord (a voice chat app popular w/gamers). A privilege I'm very
conscious of having.

And before we move onto our final week, it's also worth mentioning the
intersection of disability studies and game studies, particularly
given our current times and covid-19's disproportionate impact on the
immunocompromised, elderly, those w/"comorbidities" and so on. I'm
looking forward to more game design and scholarship that addresses
ableism and ageism in games, or "spoonie" culture, and there's some
already out there... I'm thinking of Kara Stone's work, or Stephanie
Boluk and Patrick Lemieux's chapter in Metagaming

Wishing everyone the best,

Alenda Y. Chang
Associate Professor
Department of Film and Media Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara
Playing Nature: Ecology in Video Games
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