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On 3/05/20 1:10 pm, Junting Huang wrote:
> this centralizing appropriation of artifactual powers for ‘creating the event,’

this present that never presents

...strange, I was just reading /May '68 Did Not Take Place

The difficulty seems not to be to realise the critical potential of the 
current crisis but to create it. The event needs to be made.

I think this is what Heiner Müller is doing in /Hamletmaschine./

You could say the /unconscious/ of the event needs to be created.

What can happen now to escape the centralizing appropriation of 
artifactual powers for 'creating the event'?

or, as Ricardo Dominguez wrote, breaking out of the breakout? (although 
narrativising is only one centralizing appropriative strategy)

(there is a short text with this title by Alphonso Lingis. I mention it 
because I like it.)

returning to the present that never presents: Fisher does not really 
handle of this in terms of hauntology, unless the present is haunted by 
itself; and perhaps this gets a little closer to what Deleuze & Guattari 
are saying, and of course Müller, to listen to this indistinct 
murmuration and hear in it the form of something trying to declare itself.




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