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Tue May 5 10:09:34 AEST 2020

Welcome Byron Rich to our -empyre- soft-skinned space.  I first met Byron when he participated in a College Art Association panel that I organized on Bioart.  His work as a bio-artist is provocative and I am thrilled that he agreed to host this month on -empyre-, What is a Dystopia,Really?

I invite all of our guests from last month as well as all of our subscribers around the globe to join in by posting regularly.  Byron will be introducing the topic in his first post.  Best to all of you.  Renate

Byron Rich is an artist, professor and lecturer born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His work exploring speculative design, biology futures and tactical media has been widely shown and spoken about internationally. He pursued a degree in New-Media at The University of Calgary before relocating to Buffalo, New York where he obtained an MFA in Emerging Practices at The University at Buffalo. He was the runner up for the 2016 BioArt & Design Award, and the recipient of an Honorary Mention at the 2017 Prix Ars Electronica. He serves as Assistant Professor of Art, Director of Art+Science & Innovation, and Director of the Allegheny College Lab for Creativity at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. www.byronrich.com

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