[-empyre-] Final Week of May? What is Dystopia, Really?

Ali Seradge aseradge at gmail.com
Wed May 27 14:35:30 AEST 2020

thank you for the intro Byron and having us join the thread!

As KT mentioned, they and I run Langer Over Dickie <http://langeroverdickie.com/>.  We started this artist run space in our home about a year ago. We made the choice to keep all the original trim and domestic finishes to remind visitors that they are in a home. Our thoughts were that we could present something other than a constructed white space, literally and figuratively. We also strived to have demographic parity between our yearly roster of artists and the population of Chicago.

We are in the process of switching our scheduled shows into a digital format while maintaining our course to present challenging work in an accessible way.

All these choices were made with the intent of making the gallery, the art, artists, and community more accessible to a population that often feels intimated and excluded by the “Art” world.

As for my personal work, I am a painter. <http://aliseradge.com/>  About 85% of the time, my activity involves colorful mud and fuzzy sticks. The other 15% involves digital making. Two conundrums that occupy my mind in regards to digital making are “How is context created when viewing art digitally?” and “Does that same context change if the art is originally made for a digital space or not?”

To sponsor such questions, I recently curated a show titled “Handmade by Robots” <https://www.thevisualist.org/2019/11/handmade-by-robots/> at Northeastern Illinois University. The call was for artists who used digital technology in their art making process. The result was a show of compelling work made with a wide variety of processes from sowing machine punch cards to VR user based performances.  

I look forward to upcoming discussions :-)


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