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Sat Nov 7 17:01:36 AEDT 2020

Hello all Empyre subscribers,  I am please to announce that  my visual book UNSEEN was very recently published by Louffa Press.  Please go to www.louffapress.net/news <http://www.louffapress.net/news> for a video excerpt of the web launch. UNSEEN brings to light from darkness the metaphorical images of the invisible, pervasive viruses penetrating our world.  By exposing pictures of the void, a sequence of configurations emerges: First sweeping the earth, unfolding up to the sky and beyond, into spacial trajectories, blending with humans into hybrid forms.  For more information go to  http://www.louffapress.net/artist-books <http://www.louffapress.net/artist-books>   I think that if the roll of consciousness is the perception of being alive then we need to create work that stimulates a higher sense of being or consciousness in our relationship to each other, that yields a greater sense of knowledge, awe and wonder  By mediating the immediacy of the moment, we can ecologize, or join organisms together in the place between thought and experience, enacting change within us. 

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