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Hi Johannes Birringer , very nice work, thank you.

Li Zhenhua

开 2020年11月12日 在 下午10:13:38, Johannes Birringer (
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Greetings -
I was struck by Annie Abrahams' comments on the Covid siege and medicalized
working conditions,
her reference to students in Amsterdam demanding "physical education." And
I wondered how others,
who might teach/work in performance, experience this at the moment? (I felt
this week that I had become
the only physical teacher left in my art school, as pressure from
management had moved all classes to
the hard-to survive zoomland) and compliance is the new catchword.

Am also happy sharing my new performance work with you,
& I welcome your feedback.....

‘Gravel Maraboutage'
site specific movement, 13:11 min 2020


The film was edited after I got invited to write about my experience as a
choreographer being in lockdown in an inter-pandemic era, and my
"Electric Dance, or How to Talk with Birds" will appear shortly in Critical
Stages/Scènes Critiques #22
(http://www.critical-stages.org), alongside other theatre artists's
reflections on what Annie called the unfulfilled promises.

thank you for watching

Johannes Birringer
DAP-Lab, London

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