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Maximilian Goldfarb maximiliangoldfarb at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 05:08:30 AEDT 2020

Hello Empyre community,

I'd like to introduce a current project of Incident Report, which is a
small presentation space in Hudson, NY, currently inhabiting the storefront
of the Flow Chart Foundation. For more than a decade, Incident Report has
made non-commercial use of a storefront display window to offer an
interface between artists and the many publics of the street.

IR’s current project, Reports, presents a series of text pieces by a wide
range of artists on an LED sign, viewed by passersby on the street. Texts
move between poetry, notation, transcription, weather reports, dispatches,
public address, inventories, event scores, recipes, news, elegies,
missives, codes, prayers, instructions, spells, lyrics and more. Words and
sentences unfold like a chyron running various forms of commentary,
feedback, reflection, announcement.

Each work is displayed on a loop for an irregular amount of time relevant
to each text, with a minimum of one day. The shifting, often short duration
of each piece is based on the objective that this project maintains a live,
responsive relationship to the unpredictable, constantly changing and
moving audience in any number of ways: relating to the word, the street,
the State, the news cycle, the cosmos, -pertaining to any and all 'species
of spaces'.

Through this project we explore what kinds of shared understanding can be
established, or challenged, through this sign that connects the many
publics of the street to artists reporting on conditions from their studios
and homes. How is a network woven across spaces, publics and individuals
using language constrained to this minimal format? How relevant and
powerful can the word be, out there on its own, in an age of noisy,
meaningless communication?

Check out the exhibition page https://www.allocations.online/reports.html
to see documentation of the project.



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