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Mon Nov 30 01:47:06 AEDT 2020

Dear Empyre,

I'm excited to announce our next guests this month, Angeliki Diakrousi
and Cristina Cochior and their project Temporary Riparian Zone. TRZ
explores methods of peer-to-peer "streaming", considering the hydrological
stream, or flowing of water, as a metaphorical starting point. I had the
pleasure of participating in their workshop (from a distance) at this
summer's Hackers and Designer's conference. I'm happy to let Angeliki and
Cristina introduce their project in more detail!

Angeliki Diakrousi is an artist and researcher coming from Greece and
living in Rotterdam. Her practice relates to topics around activation of
public spaces, online archives, feminist approaches on technology,
collective speech platforms and listening channels. She is an Architecture
graduate of the University of Patras (2015), and a graduate of the
Experimental Publishing Master at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (2019).
She is part of /etc and Varia.

Cristina Cochior (RO) is a researcher and designer working in the
Netherlands. With an interest in automation, situated software and peer to
machine knowledge production, her practice largely consists of
investigations into the intimate bureaucracy of knowledge organisation
systems and more recently, collective digital infrastructures.

Angeliki and Cristina are both part of Varia, a space for developing
collective approaches to everyday technology.

Looking forward to discussing this project!

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