[-empyre-] October: -empyre- tactics and strategies in the age of Corona Virus An Open Call

Renate Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 2 13:21:29 AEST 2020

Welcome to October 
-empyre- tactics and strategies in the age of Corona Virus
An Open Call
Moderated by Renate Ferro and Tim Murray    
We ordinarily pick up our monthly discussions in September after summer break. This year we delayed our opening as we acknowledge the extra stresses of the Covid pandemic that have overtaxed so many of us.  We want to be sensitive to our participants' extra responsibilities at home and the more intense planning and workload at work and school.
We are foregoing our weekly guests throughout the month of October.  Instead, we invite all 2,200 plus members of -empyre- to share thoughts about the current pandemic.  

This world-wide pandemic has been compounded by an environment of rising international tides of conservatism, nationalism, and fascism that ride the waves of xenophobia, racism, sexism, and homophobia.  The bullying of Donald Trump, attacks on racial and queer rights complicate the ongoing threats of COVID-19. All of this is flanked by the climactic upheavals of weather catastrophe and forest fires.  

The technologies of health, safety and technology have been at the forefront of our daily lives.  Our habits as artists, curators, technologists, and thinkers are thoroughly remediated by the reduction of social gathering, public exhibition, and in-person teaching.  Ironically, it is to the technics of video-conferencing that we more thoroughly turn for discussion and exhibition of the very technology we so often critique.

We want to launch this October month’s discussion by providing you, the -empyre- community with a platform to share reflections, survival strategies, and responsive tactics.  We invite you all to post your political, social, and cultural thoughts as they pertain to our techno-lives in the age of Covid-19.

We wish all of our subscribers and their families health and safety throughout these times. 
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As a final note, we are looking for moderators. If you are interested in hosting a month of discussion please contact us via email.

Tim and Renate
Renate Ferro has served on the original -empyre- moderating board since 2007 with the mission of not only covering emerging discussions in new media and networked culture but also of ensuring that -empyre- remain a diverse community with representation from many cultures and countries. Ferro is a conceptual media artist who toggles between the creative skins of old and new technologies. At the heart of her most recent research interests, Ferro critically engages with the corporal body’s symbiotic relationship with technology and the environment. By aligning artistic, creative practice with critical approaches to cyber configurations, she permits emerging creative skins of drawing and text to performance, video installation, and interactive, net-based projects. Ferro teaches in the College of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell Unvirsity.
Tim Murray is the curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Director of the Cornell Council for the Arts and Professor of Comparative Literature and English at Cornell University. He sits on the Executive Board of the  Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory  (HASTAC).  A curator, theorist, and critic, his curatorial projects include CCA Biennial (http://cca.cornell.edu/?p=2018biennial), Signal to Code (http://rmc.library.cornell.edu/signaltocode/), CTHEORY MULTIMEDIA  and  Contact Zones: The Art of the CD-ROM. His books include Medium Philosophicum: Thinking Art Electronically [Spanish] (Murcia, 2018), Digital Baroque: New Media Art and Cinematic Folds (Minnesota 2008); Zonas de Contacto: el arte en CD-ROM (Centro de la imagen, 1999); Drama Trauma: Specters of Race and Sexuality in Performance, Video, Art (Routledge, 1997); Like a Film: Ideological Fantasy on Screen, Camera, and Canvas (Routledge, 1993); Ed., Masochism & Mime: The Politics of Theatricality in Contemporary French Thought (Michigan, 1997) and, with Shin-Yi Yang,  Ed. Xu Bing’s Background Stories  (Mandarin), (Life Bookstore Publishing, 2016). 

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