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Currently in-progress: "FinTech for the Precariat"
Desktop and VR application and podcast
It has been projected that the 2020s will be the decade of the FinTech
Revolution. This Marketing hyperbole is on the heels of many such
revolutions – the Green Revolution, the Personal Computing Revolution, the
dot.com, web2.0 and Social Network Revolution... These tech revolutions are
sold on the promises of democratization and wealth, however, their
applications and results are much more complex than merely advancing
technologies for the advancement of humankind. FinTech for the Precariat,
questions the various possible applications of emerging financial
technologies and brings to the forefront the question of who ultimately
will these technologies serve?

2020 Project: "Desplazados"
Desplazados is a wandering neighborhood application set amongst 19th
century tenement buildings on cobblestone streets and inhabited by rats and
pigeons. As the user explores the environment, they encounter disembodied
voices sharing observations and tales regarding urban gentrification.

Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga
Artist & Associate Professor, Media Studies
Hunter College, CUNY
President of the Board of Directors, Franklin Furnace
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