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Camille Baker camille at camillebaker.me
Wed Apr 21 21:39:13 AEST 2021

HI all

I’ve been working on this immersive project all year and its nearly ready for exhibition (in-person):

INTER/ her - intimate journey inside the female reproductive system

An immersive installation and Virtual Reality artwork focussed on post-reproductive diseases and pain over 40's women experience: endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, Ovarian and other cysts, cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers. The sensory and emotional experience moving from the outside in within a real dome space into VR space, with a 3D audio soundscape of the voices and stories of real women recounting their experiences,  making it an intimate, emotional and possibly haunting experience, with accompanying wearable haptic garment providing a visceral vibration responsive experience on the lower abdomen, where the various diseases occur.

INTER/her is based on my own experience and journey through the healthcare system(in the UK) while I was treated for a post-reproductive disease in 2016. The ideas and development of the work emanates from experiencing women’s silence, conflicting information, and inconsistencies in support for women’s health. 
From my own experience in fighting – and winning – against ovarian cancer throughout 2016 – 2017, this intense battle gave me the imperative to make something personal through my art practice; to give something back to other women, based upon my own experiences and journey through the healthcare system.

The seed grew from silence, inconsistent information, and minimal support for women’s health, then became inspired by stories I began to hear from friends and family. Stories that seemed to be hidden or kept secret until I opened up about my own experiences.

See also work-in-progress version of a trailer/ walk-through in this Virtual Exhibition curated by Art in Flux in London with support by National Gallery X  https://www.artinfluxlondon.com/reclaimed-exhibition.html <https://www.artinfluxlondon.com/reclaimed-exhibition.html>

and another more progressed trailer here https://vimeo.com/515731933 <https://vimeo.com/515731933>

Exhibition dates of the final version and other information is on the website: inter-her.art/ <https://inter-her.art/>

Bio attached.

Camille Baker, PhD Digital Media 
Media Artist / Researcher/ Curator
www.camillebaker.me <http://www.camillebaker.me/>www.swampgirl67.net <http://www.swampgirl67.net/>
ART+TECHNOLOGY video by Hyundai https://youtu.be/S63OvmTDq8U <https://youtu.be/S63OvmTDq8U>

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