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Dr Stephanie Polsky is an interdisciplinary writer and academic working in
the areas of Media Studies and Visual Culture. Her work explores the
confluence of power around race and gender as technologies of governance.
Most recently she has worked at California College of the Arts in Critical
Studies and Diversity Studies. She holds a PhD in Visual Cultures from
Goldsmiths, University of London and an MA in Media Studies from the
University of Sussex. She is the author of 'The End of the Future:
Governing Consequence in the Age of Digital Sovereignty', 'Ignoble
Displacement: Dispossessed Capital in Neo-Dickensian London' and 'Walter
Benjamin’s Transit: A Destructive Tour of Modernity'.

April for me is very much about bringing two things to fruition. The first
is the manuscript for my forthcoming book due out later in 2021, 'The Dark
Posthuman: Dehumanisation, Technology and the Atlantic World,' which explores
changing societal and perceptual hierarchies made possible through the
advancement of digital consciousness. This current book narrates the
technological manipulation of the posthuman body through the conduits of
race, gender, sexuality and ability. It distinguishes the posthuman’s place
within both the liberal and neoliberal imaginary and reveals the ways in
which its appearance first entrenched itself through the avarice of English
settler colonialism, and subsequently, through the paranoia of American
slavery. The posthuman played a crucial role in the functional adaptation
of Cold War behavioural cybernetics, and thereafter, in the fetishization
of technology within the era of global financialisation. All this allowed
for the political reality of a dysfunctional planetary ecology to portend
the dystopian foreclosure of the future for anyone without access to
wealth, resources and White privilege. The posthuman is very much the
product of world building narratives that have their beginnings in
commercial franchise and are fundamentally rooted in science,
representation, governance, and economics around the hegemonic
appropriation of environments and commodification of bodies that initially
fuelled white settler life worlds and continue to be operational in the way
we conceive of these worlds as continuous ontological formations. I have
presented excerpts of this book at various academic conference in the past
year and have article currently under peer review that feature aspects of
it. You can preview some sections of the book now on my academia website:

The second is my new life coaching enterprise, Path Sherpa, geared towards
supporting those working in the Arts and Creative Industries. The need for
this became very apparent to me during the start of the pandemic as
everyone's world became more precarious, but in particular, those whose
working arrangements were, by their nature, embued with that feature. I am
on the road to completing my training in this area and would like to open
my services up to those who might befit from working with someone very
aware of the terrain of working in such areas. The first session is free
with no obligation. If you would like to know more please contact me at
pathsherpalifecoaching at gmail.com and/or visit my website:

Thank you for your attention interest!
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