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Hi I am a late bloomer in this call :) was busy with many things at the
same time :)
I am reading sci-fi too, the Chinese Cixin Liu The Third Body. Reading
again Virginia Woolfs wonderful mrs Dalloway. And Judith Butlers superb
essay about Susane Sontag, Torture and the Ethics of Photography.
Reading the Mole People by Jennifer Toth interviews with people living
under the subway in New York, the most marginalised among the marginalised.
Reading again Hanna Arendt The Origen of Totalitarianism a necessary book
to understand what happened now with the Capitol riot and the rise of White
Supremacy groups.
And to read profane pleasures :) the latest of Yotam Ottolenghis cookbooks,

Best regards to all

On Sun, 31 Jan 2021 at 17:14, Benton C Bainbridge <
bentoncbainbridge at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Hi Renate, hello all!
> My bookshelves are filled with science fiction—this weekend I finished
> Robert A. Heinlein's *Orphans of the Sky* and started Octavia E. Butler's
> *Kindred;* my online reading centers on surveillance media, algorithmic
> civilization and its discontents (including artists, techies and organizers
> who are seeking alternatives):
> Shoshana Zuboff on Surveillance Society and Epistemic Chaos
> <https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/29/opinion/sunday/facebook-surveillance-society-technology.html>
> James McGirk on 5th Generation Warfare
> <https://ourcyberpunknow.substack.com/p/some-armageddon>
> Robert Saint Rich on the incompatibility of social media and art
> <https://twitter.com/fatherrich_/status/1343000927448535043>
> *Lazy Minting* of NFTs on OpenSea
> <https://opensea.io/blog/announcements/introducing-the-collection-manager/?utm_campaign=Newsletter+January+2021&utm_content=A&utm_medium=email_action&utm_source=customer.io>
> Eric Barry Drasin on a Distributed Object Framework for digital properties
> <http://www.ericbarrydrasin.com/portfolio/1274/>
> Eric Drasin also pointed me to these sites:
> http://metagov.org/
> http://workerorganizing.org/
> http://economicspace.agency/
> Here's my bio <http://bentoncbainbridge.com/cv/> and a short video by
> Andrew Freedman Home about my recent artwork
> <https://youtu.be/lwHujA4KDw4>.
> Thanks for this soft_skinned_space free of algorithmic intermediaries!
> Benton
> Benton C Bainbridge | +1.646.338.9172
> <https://youtu.be/lwHujA4KDw4>
> On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 12:15 PM Renate Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu> wrote:
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>>  Just a reminder to our new members but also older members. Please send
>> us your reading resources and a bio to introduce yourself to the list.  So
>> far it has been fascinating to see the common themes but also the diversity
>> of research being done.
>> Best. Renate
>> For the last two weeks of January, 2021 we launch an open call to our
>> members.  "What’s on your bookshelf in 2021?"  Share a list of the books,
>> online publications and other resources (digital or otherwise) that are on
>> your bookshelf this year.  If you are a writer, artist, curator or
>> technologist what has been influencing your own research and production? Do
>> you have a new publication?  Please share these titles, publication
>> information and links as well.
>> Please post your biography at the end of your post to introduce yourself
>> to the listserv.
>> Just as a reminder all posts go through a moderation site.  We ensure
>> that no spam or advertisements are sent through to our members’ Inboxes.
>> We've all come to marvel at the diverse nature of our monthly topics.
>> What has been most fascinating for us is to consider the power of
>> this online forum and how the rhizomatic flow between our subscribers¹
>> research and projects directly imprint upon the ebb and flow of our global
>> identity. That flow can be reviewed through our ¬empyre archive
>> generously hosted by
>> the University of New South Wales since 2002.
>>  http://lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/
>> Our ¬empyre website is hosted by Cornell University
>> http://empyre.library.cornell.edu/
>> Over the next few months our website will be updated.
>> We also extend a general invitation to any of our subscribers who would
>> like to host a discussion topic over the months of 2021. We can assist your
>> through the process of hosting a monthly topic. Please contact Renate Ferro
>> at rferro at cornell.edu.
>> Happy New Year and please stay safe.
>> Renate Ferro
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>> Director of Undergraduate Studies
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