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Renate Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Wed May 5 03:12:12 AEST 2021

Hello -empyre-
A few of you have taken advantage of this networking open call on -empyre- for April.  We will be beginning our new discussion on the 7th of May so will keep this open for a few more days.  Hope you will all take advantage if you have not thus far. 

Networking New Work  
Whether you are an artist, a coder, a writer, or theorist we hope this month you will take the opportunity to give your own work a plug, Networking New Work. 

Please share descriptions, prospectuses, or narratives about what it is that you are in the middle of this April.  Many of us are still in the midst of the conditions of Covid while others have access to vaccines which are prompting an ease to how we get around and what we have access to. Do you have an upcoming publication or exhibition or perhaps something in progress?  We want to hear all about it. 

Please respond with this email  soft_skinned_space <empyre at lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au>
We ask you to put your name in the subject heading. 
Additionally, we invite you to post your current short biography. 

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Best, Renate Ferro

Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
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rferro at cornell.edu

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