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It seems that my Outlook is not agreeing with my voyd.com servers, so I am going direct from my servers. 
Here are a few notes - I hope it provokes some conversation.

Since we are warming up, I thought I would put a couple more thoughts in.
I think of two events that are lodged in my consciousness that make me think of Virilio and the notion of living in real-time.

-in watching the NFT craze in digital art, it seems that speculation in art, on “gas” fees, on Ethereum pricing requires nearly a moment-by-moment attention, or a rigorous set of analytical tools to do it for you.  Since the NFT world is a new social media ecosphere, this phenomenon seems to be an expression of its culture.

-A space that is of interest is the twitch online gamer space that allows gamers to play to an audience. However, this is not only for gamers anymore, with art spaces like babycastles being online on Twitch for live events, and there is an anecdote that Beeple was on Twitch during the auction of his work.  Although this is unverified, I find the apocryphal anecdote charged,, as the thought of watching Beeple’s emotional reactions moment by moment as the auction ran is highly affective. The idea that we want to be intensely involved in someone’s personal experiences is powerful, evoking McLuhan’s thought on the Global Village and his probe on Ann landers.

Have we entered the world of real-time, especially in the era of Zoom-time?


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