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I apologize in advance if it seems like I am pointing towards the NFT itself as my point of interest, but I only find it as an index for the larger milieu in which it operates. For me. the NFT is an artifact that points toward many 'flows' that ne3cessitatie real-time interaction, like marketing yourself constantly in Clubhouse, constanttly monitoring ETH costs, Gas costs, when people are on, to the point where I believe that the discrete time becomes real-time. 

So the buying and selling of objects themselves seem rather mundane to me; just another expansion of late-stage capitalism, but the _sociology_ of the community around the crypto world, and what is being called the "metaverse".

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Hi Patrick

Patrick wrote:
"-in watching the NFT craze in digital art, it seems that speculation in art, on “gas” fees, on Ethereum pricing requires nearly a moment-by-moment attention, or a rigorous set of analytical tools to do it for you. Since the NFT world is a new social media ecosphere, this phenomenon seems to be an expression of its culture."

Thanks so much for making your first post. Given the topic you have proposed, Flow, Impulse and Affect in Real Time, I think it might be interesting to unpack your ideas about NFT or an Non-fungible token in relation to flow. Non-fungible” means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. NFT’s are Ethereum blockchains. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. This currency is being traded for digital art. In fact, Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey sold his tweet from March 2006, “Just setting up my Twittr” for 3 million dollars. Absolutely anything digital can be sold.
Can you perhaps say a bit more what you think about the flow of capital in relationship to digital and its cultural resonances especially in 2021 as we are feeling the global economic and cultural effects of a worldwide pandemic?

Thanks. Renate

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