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I am very excited for this week, as it introduces some great minds that I have had the pleasure of being with in the UAE and onwards.

First, Negin's pronouns are she/her and are just an erratum.

She is a fantastic mind and celebrated artist/illustrator/critic from Tehran and I have the honor of being her husband. We "met" in 2010, when we collaborated on Morehshin Allahyari's "My Day, Your Night" project. We now work on Techspressionism.com and the NPT projects.  Her insights are a constant illumination on life and culture, and I am happy she will be with us.

I met Rohit Goel during a symposium given by critic Kevin Jones at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. His thought on matters of contemporary culture had clarity and wit that have stayed with me to this day, and I am grateful for his introduction to the thought of Suhail Malik at Goldsmiths and on the temporally continuous nature of the Contemporary. It is in part a reason for this conversation.

Isaac Sullivan is a valued colleague and contemporary artist who was part of the faculty with me at Zayed University in the UAE (he is still there). His background in human nature and criticism has always given rich food for thought. We are both showing in Dubai's digital art hub, Nation2.0 (nation20.art).

Thank you to my colleagues and everyone who has been so kind to participate in this time. 

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