Re: [-empyre-] Is Modernity our Antiquity

- master narratives need rails to run their fiction on, nazism the ruins of
WOI and the economic disarray of the twenties, stalinism equally so worsened
by post-tsarist chaos in the Soviet empire. Do you see global terrorism and
its consequences of a culture of surveillance serving as a rail to run the
Benthamian panopticum of semantic capitalism (BPSC) on?

Well, situations are not identical. In one case we are at the end of some modernist process. But in the case of BPSC, we are at the end of a Postmodern phase (if ever what I said has some pertinence), which ironically allows the achievement of some of the trends of the modernist process. One of the ‘rail’ here is the story of the Web that everybody knows: first, at the beginning there is a huge hope that concentrated many ideals: sharing media, freedom of speech etc. anybody feels he could become his own publisher, share its intimacy etc. There is also a strong postmodern component in 'some' renewal of the concepts of identity, space, time, social networks etc; this is the time of Then there is the rise of the “old” capitalism: they still think the Web as if it was part of the spectacle society, and that's a big failure; in 1998 commits suicide and in 2000 the bubble bursts. Just at the same time, or a little before, Google appears. They come from the universitarian world, linux guys, basic unix interface, they are the nice guys with an ethical position about free speech. But in fact, this attitude allows them to make an amazing deal with the internet users who just give up the exploitation rights of their intimacy to Google and it is the triumph of the society of control. The aim here is to scientifically predict the behaviour of the users in order to optimize the adwords/adsense machinery (on which Google IPO is based). Google claims it’s a fair deal, I don’t believe so; this is the idea of “fair use” behind which they hide during their trials about Google Books (formerly Google Print). Considering here blogger as producers of speech that give up their production to Google, I sometimes think of this new phase of capitalism (which by the way still weights absolutely nothing when compared to the traditional market capitalism) as witnessing a change of nature in the way surplus-value operates. Because producing speech is not exactely the same thing as producing cars. May be...

How about
justifications for the BPSC in view of our need to avert actual and
impending catastrophes (global warming, reigning famines in Africa
untsoweiter) originating from science?

I really don't know

- do you think of the BPSC as a closed event? It happened, so we're done
for? Or are we in its concluding phase, wrapping up the remains of the day,
closing up the façade with laws on sedition, cleaning up the mess of
intimacy in the Big Brother house, locking down the gaps in the defense of
our savezones?

we’ll see...

- do you think of your own work as somehow fighting the BPSC, are you
developing strategies towards that, or do you limit yourself to commenting
it, exposing it?

I’m a minimalistic-sado-masochistic artist ;-)

- has the BPSC got the rise of the Asian empire covered (ouch)?

clearly it will be interesting to see how China is going to deal with all this...

I read your Cosmolalia proposal prior to the discussion, must say there's a
lot there resembling my own thinking, up to the use of Mallarmé's ptix (very
funny, i already considered it to be somewhat 'my ptix', so i feel a bit
bereft of it). There are, however,differences in degree i think, so, knowing
most of the answers are contained within the text at, perhaps you could expand on the
questions here nonetheless? I'm asking a lot, i know how exhausting these
exercises can be, but it would be nice if we could bring the views there to
relate to the problem we're attempting to tackle here.

why don't we start by you telling me what are these "differences in degree" ? In the mean time I read your article

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