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My entry was too short and went off prematurely.

There is also the sense of being (too) far away to be able to comment on
the information we get. It's an intriguing question whether I was "on the
ground" and therefore closer, while I was watching one kind of people
mistreating another, a slow and never ending process of oppression and

Of course I could sense the building up of hatred and a strange, unknown
feeling to me (which I only gather or imagine) was this wild and secret
will to live at any cost, maybe the cost of all truths and morals you had
before. I was closer to the notions of a life before the war in Gaza - and
therefore familiar to a precarious situation that you thought could never
be topped, but it did, when the bombs were banging the heart out of a -
even in calm times - dying system. It may be that you are less shocked
because you have experienced the suffering and abuse before and expected
something to happen. That the open demonstrative terror is less terrifying
after long periods of undercover fear and despair.

But you can never say that you are close enough. All the journalists and
observers are left behind, arrive late at the scene. To be close enough to
know you have to be the killer or the victim.

For now, all the best, Pia
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