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Patrick Lichty
This is an incredibly exciting time for the Empyre contingent as this may be one of the highest concentrations of participants, Board members and the like in one spot in years.

My nodes of engagement will be disparate:  One will be very local to the site, and the other will be far more abstract. For this ISEA, I will be the Chair/Co-Chair for two panels, one dealing with the work of artists from US and Turkey who inhabited the other’s country for a time and will look at the possible effects that time has had.  The other will deal with the role of Affect, Desire and Mirroring of the self to the avatar in Performance Art in Second Life.  Both deal with issues of embodiment and presence, one more socio-politically than the other. My hopes are for connecting with Turkish New Media artists for ongoing dialogues for future projects, and to reconnect with my discourse regarding art in Second Life, as well as having the pleasure of being with practitioners such as Susan Ryan, Gregory Little, Stephanie Rothenberg, Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrand.

They will be on Saturday at 9 am (Short Circuit: US/TURKEY Dialogues) and in the afternoon (Doppelgangers: Art and Affect in Second Life)  on Saturday the 17th.
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